2021 Update
After careful consideration by the Board of Park Commissioners and staff, Schaumburg Park District has announced that it will be closing Walnut Green Golf Course, a nine-hole course located at 1150 N. Walnut Lane, for the foreseeable future.

Why Now?
Like all businesses and organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented the District with significant financial challenges. Approximately 50% of the District’s operating budget comes from user fees and in 2020 revenues were more than $8 million below projections. The District met these financial challenges by reducing staff, cutting spending and optimizing facility operations, including closely examining operational costs, usage by residents and duplicate services. Key metrics that led to the decision to close Walnut Greens included:
•       The level of play at Walnut Greens has dropped dramatically over the last several years.
• Walnut Greens falls outside the District’s primary service area and is not actually located within the formal boundaries of the Schaumburg Park District.
• Operating an underused par-three course, that falls outside the District’s primary service area is not cost-efficient and a strain on staff resources. After renovations to the Schaumburg Golf Club over the past three years, the District felt it prudent to concentrate staff and financial resources on operating just the main course.
• With renovations finished at Schaumburg Golf Club, and all 27-holes available, players can book 9-hole tee times at Schaumburg Golf Club. Additionally, as part of the Schaumburg Golf Club renovation, the District installed Life Tees, which make the course more accessible for beginners and short-hitting players.
• In the District’s formal Needs Assessment Survey, residents ranked investing in capital improvements at the District’s recreation and fitness centers as their highest priority.

What will happen to the land?
The District is still in talks with developers on potential uses and the District may possibly sell a portion of the land. Because some of the area is covered by wetlands not suitable for building, part of the area will most likely become a passive park.

For more information, please call 847-985-2115.

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